Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Journey

chrissy metz weight loss

Before Chrissy Metz started trending on the internet, she lived in Gainesville, Florida, with her parents, stepmother, grandmother and four younger siblings. Her weight was a concern to her because she had been repeatedly teased for her weight as a child. As an adult she had tried different diets and exercise regimens to lose weight but always returned to her struggle to become thin. When her weight fluctuated, it became more of a problem because she didn’t know which method to use to make the weight come off.

After her first month on the diet plan, it was obvious that Chrissy’s weight was starting to come off because of the large amounts of water she was drinking every day. She knew she wasn’t eating enough, but she also knew something was missing from her diet plan. A feeling of nervousness and anxiousness had accompanied her for several months because she was losing weight so slowly. Frustrated, Chrissy decided to start using the camera to document her progress. The resulting photos were astounding. The results were overwhelming, but she didn’t see results coming quickly enough to record in real time.

In her second week on the program, Chrissy met up with Richard Foos, a fitness instructor who has also lost weight, to discuss his experiences with a similar diet plan. Richard shared with Chrissy how easy it was to incorporate the program into his daily routine and he felt that the advice he gave was invaluable. He shared with her his personal story of success and how he used self-acceptance and positive thinking to keep him motivated throughout chrissy metz’s weight loss journey. By the third week of the program, Chrissy realized that she had a new appreciation for her family, friends and herself because of her weight loss journey and the encouragement she received from Richard.

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